For seven hundred years the sunny hills of Franciacorta, half way through the mists of the plain and the alpine glaciers, still preserve the ancient privilege of clear water and fresh mountain air and for seven hundred years at least the tenants and winemakers of Bornato hone their art and handed it down from father to son.The whole building of Bornato Castle, belonging to Mrs Luisa Orlando one of the first “wine lady” has been perfectly kept till the present days and now interprets the contemporary wine and culture spirit of Franciacorta in the best way. The land terraces placed under the southern walls are tilled with wine rows grown according to the most modern theories of organic growing.

Curtefranca Rosso

It is made from organic grapes produced by prestigious French vines (Merlot and Cabernet).
It yields a noble wine with a vinous bouquet where underbrush, woody scents emerge on the end-note.
Alcohol content 13%
Decant at least two hours before serving.

Curtefranca Bianco

Made from organic grapes from prestigious French vines (Chardonnay).
It yields an extremely soft straw yellow wine with greenish reflections, with a dry taste and extremely agreeable freshness, delicate vigour but firm and silky body.
Alcohol content 12%.


Made from organic grapes produced by prestigious French vines: Chardonnay and Pinot Nero.
Colour: straw-yellow with greenish reflections, bright, minute and persistent gassiness (pérlage).
An agile and fresh bouquet with a dry and  pleasant taste with vigorous consistency.
Alcohol content 12%. Classic method bottle-aged on its lees, to increase its complexity and flavor integration. The ageing period is 24 months.


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